Hannah Stanifer

Dr. Kotlerman is unlike any chiropractor I have ever seen. His knowledge and expertise on the human body is thorough and vast! I came in for a chronic sinus issue that I had been struggling with for nearly a year, and had seen countless doctors for with no relief. Dr. Kotlerman was immediately able to identify the issue and and within just a few adjustments, I had 90% improvement. I am now continuing care and am extremely impressed and relieved to have found cranial chiropractic care.

Vicki S189

I walked in to Dr K’s office 4 months ago, and I could barely walk! My lower back and legs hurt so bad! My neck hurts wasn’t any better! He did some tests on my stance, and it was unbelievable on how my spine was! I couldn’t believe that I was even able to do much of anything actually! After 3 months of continuous work We did another set of tests, my stance is at least 85% better! I even lost some stomach weight! Another plus! I can walk with no pain! I can do things that were impossible before! I can honestly say I have never had an exceptional experience with any other Chiropractor! He is amazing, his technique on adjusting is based on energy, Hard to explain the technique but if you are experiencing any type of pain, try him out!

Kiersti Ruhl

Barely have had any migraines since I started seeing Zac! He has helped me with so much from a very holistic approach!

Shawna McCabe

Very helpful, friendly and informative! All around great experience! Would definitely recommend going!!!!❤️

Barbra DeVries

Dr. Kotlerman has made huge differences in my post nasal drip, which I have suffered with for years! He relates pain with nerve activity, eliminates the pain by finding the nerve activity that feeds it. The first visit is Full of assessment on the body and what is working and what is not. Thank you Dr. Zach.

Krista Isley

I have had the best care with Dr. Kotlerman through out my pregnancy! He is very gentle, kind and also very good with kids too!

Topher Ruxton

I have had major neck and low back pain for a few years now and it only seemed to be getting worse, even while seeing other “common” chiropractors. Within the first few visits to Kotlerman Family Health, the pain had begun to fade. Though I have quite a journey ahead of me, I’m feeling confident that I finally found a chiropractor that addresses the root of the problem and doesn’t just fix the symptoms. He is extremely educated in this field and will answer ANY questions at all. He has even helped beyond the scope of my initial problems (knee pains) which after the first week of visits, I no longer use a knee brace. I highly recommend Dr. Zachary Kotlerman to anyone looking to have a better chance at Healing the pain, instead of dealing with it. I’m looking forward to what life is like without the limitations. Thank you Dr. Zachary!

Lola Singer

I have nothing but praise for Kotlerman Family Health. Dr. K. is an amazing healer. In addition to easing pain I sustained from some minor car accidents, seeing him regularly for adjustments has freed me from maladies I have lived with for years. No more back or neck pain PLUS he alleviated swelling in my ankles and feet I have been dealing with for at least five years. My blood pressure has returned to normal, and my ease of movement has greatly improved. I feel 20 years younger thanks to his knowledge and skills. How much confidence do I have in Dr. K.? So much so that two of my friends are seeing him regularly now because I recommended him so highly. Dr. K. knows his stuff! BONUS: He has a holistic view on healing, is very patient, and has a sense of humor that is one of a kind -- great qualities for a healthcare professional as far as I am concerned. Dr. K. is family oriented. He specializes in adjustments for mothers during pregnancy and after delivery of their babies. He also welcomes children to his practice. I highly recommend Dr. K. to you and any member of your family based on how his care has benefited me.