Postpartum Constipation

Postpartum Constipation in Burlington WA

One of the most challenging symptoms postpartum is constipation. After having a baby, whether vaginally or via surgery, it can be challenging for your intestines and colon to work normally. Often this challenge is because the nerves that control your intestine and colon are stressed, irritated and/or damaged either before or during the birth process.

Chiropractic care can help!



Postpartum Constipation in Burlington WAJulie* was a mom who had to have a cesarean surgery. It was several months after her cesarean surgery and she was having attacks of severe abdominal pain that were lasting hours. The pain was like someone was twisting a knife in her gut and often wrapped around to her low back.

The only thing that has been able to help Julie is her gentle and specific chiropractic care. Usually, within a few minutes of her adjustment, her pain subsides and she has a large bowel movement. Without chiropractic care, this first-time mom would likely be taking a combination of strong laxative and painkillers and she would be moving farther and farther away from sustainable health.

*name altered for privacy

Postpartum Constipation in Burlington WA If you are noticing post-birth symptoms now is your opportunity to call for a complimentary doctor consultation!