Our Passion

Dr. Zachary is passionate about providing exceptional chiropractic care. You will likely find that an office visit at Kotlerman Family Health is different from any other doctor’s visit you have had.

Dr. Zachary specializes in the following chiropractic techniques:

  • drop table
  • flexion & extension
  • Blye cranial technique
  • Webster technique
  • pediatric adjusting
  • pregnancy/ postpartum care
  • activator
  • tonal adjusting
  • extremities adjusting

If you are new to chiropractic care, this means that your adjustment will be gentle and specific, without any popping or cracking noises. This type of adjustment is ideal for:

  • babies & children
  • patients with spinal damage
  • patients with spinal ligament instability
  • patient was spinal arthritis or sensitivity to manual adjusting
  • pregnancy
  • pre and postpartum care
  • patients with traumatic brain injuries and neurological dysfunction
  • patient with chronic inflammatory diseases

Dr. Zachary also uses complementary therapies in his office such as denneroll blocking, chi motion, micro-distraction, vibration, supplement testing, and self-care recommendations to help you get to your goals as quickly as possible!