Healthy Families

Healthy Families one spine at a time

Chiropractic care is central and critical to your health and wellness. Your spine is the protective element to two very important parts of your central nervous system: your brainstem and spinal cord. If you have spinal damage, it likely means that you also have neurological compromise that is deteriorating and declining your health, healing, and overall function.

Brainstem Fact:

Did you know that approximately 95% of all neurological communications go through your brainstem? This incredibly important piece of neurological tissues is inside the first bone of your spine. An adjustment to your C1 can improve neurological function to 95% of your body!

Every person in your family would benefit greatly from gentle and specific chiropractic care.

There is stress in life. When you experience types of stress it causes your nervous system to become abnormal….which causes your spine to become abnormal….which causes more abnormal neurological function until one day you have more and more health problems.

You can put a stop to this cycle by changing the focus of your health problem from your symptoms to the underlying cause of your health problems. If you are ready for the journey of regenerating your health you will find great support with Dr. Zachary!

Mental Health:
Did you know that chiropractic care can help with mental health issues?
Emotional and mental trauma are almost as bad for your spine as a car accident. Getting chiropractic care after receiving bad news (or going through traumatic events) can help you manage your stress and help your nervous system heal. Learn more here.

How would you know if you had spinal damage? At Kotlerman Family Health, Dr. Zachary knows that “test, not guess” saves the patient time and money in all aspects. If you want to know if you have spinal damage that is causing or contributing to your health problem you need to get some specific tests and evaluations accomplished.

At Kotlerman Family Health your chiropractic care plan will be based on:

  1. Your goals – what do you want to accomplish with your health?
  2. Your test results – what is damaged, where there might be dysfunction and how much chiropractic care is needed.

This effective model helps you repair and regenerate your health as quickly as possible with less time wasted in symptoms management.

There are two types of chiropractic care available for patients at Kotlerman Family Health. The first is called Patch care. The goal of this care is to help you get out of pain as quickly as possible. Patch care is the most affordable short term option based on your symptoms. The downside to Patch care is that it does not fix the underlying problem and your health issues and/or pain will eventually return. Patch care is appropriate when you need to get back to work, family or some other responsibility and do not have the interest towards fixing your problem, but still want to get help.

Fix care is based on your test results and your symptomology and it is the amount of care required to fix your spine back to normal or as near-normal-as possible. Fix care is typically a longer commitment, however, at the end of Fix care the underlying problem in your spine will likely have resolved or reversed and you will be ready to move and groove knowing that your spine in healthy and normal!